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What makes Premier different from other companies ?

Our team of technicians are experienced, highly trained professionals; problem solvers who know where and how to apply our pest control materials most effectively. We genuinely care about the appearance of your home so we wear shoe booties to protect your flooring, vacuum window tracks to remove unsightly dead insects and brush down any spider webs around your home.

 Eric Huber - Manager

We pre-schedule our appointments so you know exactly when to expect us. If you need a courtesy visit between appointments, no problem - no charge. We are a customer focused company which is evident from the first phone conversation through every service.

In the Office we have :
Teresa Hall              and           Amanda Fezatte-Pate
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What is the purpose of a Premier pest inspection ?

Our free inspection ensures we prepare a program best suited to each customer’s situation. Each customer is unique with special conditions and requirements that need to be addressed for an effective pleasing pest service. Different types of pests require different treatments. Conditions change from home to home; type of landscaping (what material would work best?), type of construction (how are the bugs getting in?) special needs of the customer (1st Tuesday at 9:00am is best for you) and precautions (my son has asthma and I have a Yorkie). We base our service rates on individual conditions. Your payment won’t be covering an undercharge of the customer before you. We want to start off on the right foot and be prepared to solve the pest problems fast. A little communication up front goes a long way to making sure your completely satisfied with our service.

Pam McCubbin - Senior Technician

Is Premier's treatment safe for my family and pets ?

Pests initially develop outdoors. When pest populations overrun the exterior, new territory must be found. Insects don’t want to be in your home but sometimes they end up there when forced to look for a new place to live. Premier focuses the treatment on the exterior where the pests live and develop.

David Wolter
David W

We apply products under bushes, along fence lines, the bases of trees, in the eaves and around the foundation of the home where pests are but kids and pets usually aren’t.

Bruno Barm

In addition, when we reduce or eliminate the problem outside, pests aren’t inside with you or your family. With this effective approach no unnecessary liquid chemicals to the baseboards in the home need to be applied. We target the kitchens and bathrooms during the initial service with safer dry products which we inject into inaccessible areas. These are areas where moisture and food would attract pests. Safer products coupled with where they are applied equals the best treatment around your family and pets.

Adele Shields
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How often do I need pest control service ?

We offer every other month or quarterly services. These are fully guaranteed so if pests reappear between visits we return - no charge. We can do this because we take the extra time to hunt out all the places pests live when we’re there to provide service. We don’t just spray around the foundation, we search out hot spots away from the home as well. This thorough approach stays ahead of the problem so you’re not bothered by unwanted visitors. Remember if there is an in between infestation we come back no charge.

Our customers have proclaimed over and over that our services have far surpassed their expectations. We at Premier continually want to prove that there really is a difference in pest control service.

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Why Choose Premier?

Man with Clipboard Smiling croppedOur technicians have up-to-date knowledge of techniques available for use in treating your home and business and will create customized treatment and maintenance programs for each customer!

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