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The most prevalent out of doors cockroach in this region of Arizona is the American cockroach. It is the largest house infesting species getting up to 2 inches long. As an adult they are an auburn color with light yellowish markings on the sides of the thorax (the segment behind the head) and head. The adults have wings that completely cover the abdomen, the nymphs are a darker red with a clearly segmented abdomen and no wings. They have droppings similar to a house mouse; same size, color and shape except the ends are blunt not pointed. These hard droppings are often accompanied by a brown spill-looking streak. These streaks contain pheromones to let other roaches know this is a good spot.

Roaches prefer warm, damp areas like meter and irrigation boxes, flower beds, under moist leaf litter. When found inside they will generally be in kitchens and bathrooms although can be throughout the house. Also called the sewer roach, as they live and breed in the sewer systems and can enter the home via the drains of unused sinks or tubs. They are ready flyers and can be active in the daytime. They will eat almost anything.

Life Cycle:
Females produce a dark brown egg casing about 1/4 inch long that looks like a strapless purse. These "ootheca's" can be found under or behind boxes or stored items in garages, in cabinets, storage sheds, etc. Each casing will hold an average of 13 offspring. One female may produce 3 - 4 casings a year and will live about 1.5 years.

Cleanliness is not a sole factor for cockroaches. They can be found in immaculate homes and absent in conditions of filth. They make do with the environment they're in at the time. However, reducing excessive moisture conditions around the home, keeping stored items off the floors, especially in garages, basements and storage sheds will make a difference. Keep water in the sink and tub traps by running water in unused bathrooms occasionally. This keeps the trap full of water so it's harder for the roaches to travel through to the interior of your home. Seal openings leading inside from the exterior.

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